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Not a Gym Rat, But …

I did break down and join a fitness club.  I know myself well enough to realize that I need variety, and a fitness club offers just that.  Fortunately, there is a club about 1 mile from my home.  If the location was too far away or completely off my regular route, I wouldn’t go.  It’s a national franchise, which isn’t my preference, but I am definitely impressed with the level of customer service.  I have pondered the membership for the past couple of months, thinking about my past fitness club and YMCA membership experiences – usually went twice in the first month and never again.  One exception was when I worked at a YMCA as a lifeguard. 

I am not a fan of public workouts.  Call me strange, but I don’t want anyone seeing me work so hard that my face is sweaty, red, contorted, and I’m breathing so hard it drowns out the background noise.  That’s why I prefer to exercise in the privacy of my home, with resistance tubing, hand weights, a NordicTrack, and a plain, old, floor.  However, I love the water and missed swimming.  The local fitness club is an impressive facility that includes a spa, cafes, and an outdoor pool (bonus!). 

I thought about the last time I really spent time working out in a pool.  It has been at least 10 years.  I decided to try a water fitness class this week and was quickly reminded of the reason why I never embraced water fitness classes.  I am height challenged and I drift, even at the shallowest depth.  A friend and former colleague affectionately referred to me as a Hobbit, but I am taller than the average Hobbit (3-4 feet).  I cannot keep my feet on the bottom of the pool and constantly work to maintain my position.  It’s both hilarious and frustrating.  I went to the club to swim laps mid-morning today.  It was great, despite the smell of chlorine, which I find exhilarating.  I spent so much time in a pool when I was younger, initially as recreation, next as a member of the swimming and diving team.  Today, I was a victim of the many years I was away from the fitness club scene.  I lost the groove.  After the laps, I put my swimsuit in the locker room sink, while I dressed, and then left without it.  What a dope!  I remembered when I was about a block from the club.  I rushed back into the club and the locker room – it was gone – Wow – efficient locker room attendants.  It was the first time I wore that swim suit!  (My old lap swim suit is too big – hee hee – that’s a great thing.)  A friendly member services associate returned the wet swim suit in a plastic bag.  All was well.  It’s clear that I need some retraining in processes and procedures related to using a fitness center.