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14 – I Didn’t Realize

It appears natural for people to reflect on the past when the year ends; but, it also seems artificial.  I try to reflect on things important quite frequently, hoping that I learn from past mistakes and experiences.  I don’t always meet that goal, but have had good success in the past year or so.

That concept truly came to light when I looked back at my weight logs from January 2010.  I have been periodically documenting my weight on a notepad since 2002.  During my three experiences with Weight Watchers (including Weight Watchers Online), I kept all the official logs, which do go back to the 1990s.  Do others do that?  For anyone that doubts Weight Watchers — don’t.  It is solid psychology and science that adapts to changing data.

When I reviewed the logs today, I found that I was 14 pounds heavier on January 1, 2011, than I am today, January 1, 2012.  How cool is that?  I have become accustomed to my current weight range, as it is the range that feels most like me.

In the interest of full disclosure, I currently am not at the goal weight for Weight Watchers nor my own goal.  I am 4 pounds higher than the WW goal and 7-8 pounds higher than my personal goal.

However, I spent 90 minutes working out at the local Lifetime Fitness club today.  In addition, I worked out 15 times at that club in December, which I believe is a lifetime record for me.  I have never been a gym rat.  The music on the iPod Nano does help.  I do have a BlackBerry, which can also store music, but I find it too cumbersome.

The iPod Nano was a recent discovery and a Christmas gift – thanks to Mom and Jack.  The size is perfect. 

I wasn’t convinced that the heart rate monitors on the gym equipment were accurate or aligned to me and my size.  Every time I used the heart rate monitors at the gym, I thought the ranges were too high.  I purchased the Polar FT60 to monitor my heart rate and manage fitness.  I used the Polar for the first time, today, so time will tell.

Anyone who thinks change is too difficult — see photos from September 2010 and from December 2011 — you can do it!