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Nothing as Cool as a Cucumber

This is the first year I have successfully grown a cucumber to maturity and harvest.  I have little full sun exposure in the yard, so, this year, I chose to plant the cucumbers in a container.  I selected a variety that is specifically designed for small spaces (Spacemaster).  I made a fresh and yummy cucumber feta salad with the first harvest.  I also used some of my abundant mint crop, so I’m feeling just a bit more self-sustaining today than usual!

Cucumber Feta Salad
Cucumber, diced small
Scallions or any onion variety, chopped
Kalamata olives or any olive variety, chopped
Olive oil
White wine or champagne vinegar
Mint, fresh chopped
Feta cheese, crumbled
Black Pepper,  ground

Combine all ingredients and toss.  I did not measure amounts, but I think a proportion of 2:1:1 – cucumber:onion:olives – is a good start.  Otherwise, just toss and surprise yourself.

If olives aren’t a favorite, try replacing them with fresh tomatoes.  The result will still be delicious!


Rotting Lettuce?

Are you frustrated when you purchase lettuce at the market and it ends up rotting in the refrigerator?  I am and there is a solution.  Plant a lettuce bowl!

Lettuce bowl supplies are basic and inexpensive.

  • Any bowl or container with drainage that can safely hold dirt and water
  • Quality garden dirt or compost
  • Seeds of your choice – lettuce, spinach, greens, etc.

Fill the container with the dirt or compost, sprinkle the seeds on top, and cover with a light dusting of more dirt.  Place the container where it will receive the most direct sunlight.  Keep the seeds moist until germination, 7-14 days.  Most lettuce varieties mature in 40-50 days.  Pick the leaves and enjoy!  Add seeds every few weeks to ensure a lush crop.

Anyone can enjoy fresh greens all summer long.  The seeds can also be started inside in late winter.

—-Update 5/22/11—-
Healthy growth!