I Looked Younger When I Was Fat

I have read and heard on news shows that older women look younger with a few extra pounds on them.  It’s all about skin elasticity after 40.

Yikes!  I am now an “older woman.”  I will be fine with this, as I truly believe age is more about attitude than the numeral.  However, the realization that losing weight to increase my physical health, mental health, fitness, and longevity may make me look older is a bit disconcerting.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m willing to take the hit.

For all interested, I spent the past 15 months focusing on reaching a personal healthy weight with Weight Watchers Online.  https://twocutes.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/14-i-didnt-realize/

When I glance at my reflection now in a mirror or window, I notice I look more my age than in the past.  It seems to be more noticeable in the neck and eye sockets.  I have a genetic tendency for dark circles in the eyes, but I see a wrinkly neck syndrome starting – no way!

I admit, I have enjoyed looking 20-30 something for the past 20-30 years, even when I wasn’t.  It’s a transition, but I embrace the change.  I will celebrate the fact that I am not 30 and that I don’t look 30, unless it’s a dark bar.  If it’s a very dark bar, I could even look 2o-something … OK, a girl can dream …

That doesn’t mean I will stop having fun or being silly, just that I will not focus on looking  young at any cost.  I will *try* to stay true and age gracefully and naturally.  More to come on that …


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