Dinner with Tucker

Tucker is a 12 year old Golden Retriever and my brother’s (the one on the phone – the other is his fraternal twin) best friend.  He has travelled all over the country – including the BWCA, Yellowstone, Tahoe – in the back of a Ford Explorer, a Toyota 4Runner, and a canoe.   He has been certified as an official therapy dog and has delighted many a hospital guest with his personality.  Tucker is a highly disciplined and intelligent dog.  He learned to retrieve his blanket and manage his large tail around beverage glasses.  He loves everyone and has the signature Golden Retriever smile.

Tucker is also thought to have bone cancer.  In the past several months, he has lost the use of one of his front legs, but is relatively mobile on the other three legs.  My brother set up an all inclusive resort at his home – bed, food, water, toys, all on a beautiful deck.
Tucker is a happy dog and is really enjoying the expanded diet my brother is now sharing with him.  In the past, Tucker was not allowed table scraps or people food, but he has been known to steal, yes, steal, a lemon bismarck right off Grandpa’s table.  He is also partial to toast.  This week, he enjoyed a ribeye steak with his best friend.

Tucker could be with us for several months or, hopefully, years.  We will enjoy every minute of it.

[Tucker is under the careful care of an amazingly compassionate and intelligent veterinarian, Tom Skadron.  http://www.skadronah.vetsuite.com]


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