What a Difference a Year Can Make

BMI September 2010 = 32.5
BMI September 2011 = 24.8
Weight reduction September 2010 – September 2011 = 38 pounds, 24% of starting weight

I feel fantastic, better than I have in 20 years.  I am focused on healthy eating – beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables – and regular activity – walking, biking, swimming, strength exercises.  I monitor my weight every day.  Carbohydrate intake is significantly reduced.  I travel to the local grocer and farmers’ market several times per week for fresh fruit and vegetables.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not given up wine, chocolate, and an occasional pizza or chicken wing.  A woman’s got to live!

I have muscle definition that I don’t recall ever having in my life.  I sometimes am surprised by my own image in the mirror.  My overall attitude is improved and I feel comfortable again in my own skin.  Not bad for a woman much closer to 50 than 40!

There have been weekly trips to the local consignment shops with stacks of too-large clothes, in hopes that I can slightly offset the cost of a new, smaller wardrobe.  There have also been several large bags of clothes given to friends and donated to local charities.

I dusted off the 15 year old pedal bicycle in the garage that still looks new, added a rearview mirror, and easily rode 10 miles last Saturday.  I was looking for more!  Those bags of dog food aren’t as heavy as they once were.  Stairs are no challenge.  I can walk behind the Jeep in the garage with space to spare.  My sister and I discovered I had no bum.  I put on a new swimsuit and didn’t feel the need to put on shorts.  I had to move up the driver seat in the Jeep to better reach the driving and braking pedals.

It has been a productive year.


2 responses to “What a Difference a Year Can Make

  1. Julie Valek

    Way to go Beth, your progress is definately noticeable. Keep up to good work!

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