Rotting Lettuce?

Are you frustrated when you purchase lettuce at the market and it ends up rotting in the refrigerator?  I am and there is a solution.  Plant a lettuce bowl!

Lettuce bowl supplies are basic and inexpensive.

  • Any bowl or container with drainage that can safely hold dirt and water
  • Quality garden dirt or compost
  • Seeds of your choice – lettuce, spinach, greens, etc.

Fill the container with the dirt or compost, sprinkle the seeds on top, and cover with a light dusting of more dirt.  Place the container where it will receive the most direct sunlight.  Keep the seeds moist until germination, 7-14 days.  Most lettuce varieties mature in 40-50 days.  Pick the leaves and enjoy!  Add seeds every few weeks to ensure a lush crop.

Anyone can enjoy fresh greens all summer long.  The seeds can also be started inside in late winter.

—-Update 5/22/11—-
Healthy growth!


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