Not in Fitness Kindergarten!

I started working with a fitness trainer in March, realizing that I needed and wanted to increase my level of body fitness.  After the first couple of orientation sessions, the real sessions began and I felt completely and absolutely out of my element.  I felt like I was in fitness kindergarten.  Fitness has certainly changed over the past 25-30 years, since I was a youth in gymnastics, swimming, and diving.  No one referred to the “core” back then, but it is logical.  The core of the body must be strong to support everything around it.

Chris, the fitness trainer, has educated me on what the fitness industry looks like today.  He also assured me I’m not in fitness kindergarten, but perhaps junior high.  Fitness in 2011 is all about integrating movement, mobility, flexibility, and strength.  Instead of the simple, static stretching of the past before a workout, dynamic and multi-purpose movement is selected.  I am a fan of efficiency, so this concept really works for me.

I was proud of my posture and body form — at one time.  My 25 year profession has included a desk, chair, and computer.  I realized at my second or third fitness training session that I lost that posture and form, in addition to some balance.  I thought about whether it had to do with age, but, no, it doesn’t.  The movements and workouts I was learning and now using are directly opposite to my work body position, which is exactly what is needed. 

In a relatively short time, I’ve regained body and fitness awareness and seen the results of focused and balanced workouts.  I hesitate to write it, but I may be transforming into someone who doesn’t hate exercise.  I purchased foam rollers and resistance tubing, and moved the dining table to make room for strength workouts.  The NordicTrack needs lubrication from hours of use, not as a clothes hanger.

See what I wrote about exercise back in November 2010 ……ke-working-out/


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