I decided on a Saturday morning in late September.  I was sitting at the laptop, drinking a skim latte with honey and cinnamon.  I typed www.weightwatchers.com into the Internet Explorer address field.  I entered my personal weight goal and started tracking food and activity (again).

Twenty-four weeks later, I’ve given away 18% of my starting body weight, become a daily exerciser (unbelievable), my BMI is 27 (so close!) and most of my clothes don’t fit anymore.  Hee hee – this is great!

Was it easy?  No.  Are my friends tired of my moaning about choosing not to eat real pizza with thick crust and lots of cheese.  Yes.  Have I given up happy hour with friends and good wine with dinner?  No.

Am I done?  Interesting question.  No.  I plan to give away 8 more pounds to reach the healthy weight range defined by Weight Watchers.  More importantly, the pursuit of health and fitness is on-going.  I did attack the initial weight loss as a project.  I set a six month timeframe to reach my original goal weight.  I’m now two pounds above that, with two weeks remaining.  I expect I’ll reach that goal.

I mentioned before that I have struggled with weight my entire life.  I was often envious of people that did not have to consciously manage their weight.  I admit, sometimes I was simply resentful that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted.  The independent and defiant parts of my personality just didn’t like being told what they could and could not do.  This past October or November, my attitude changed.  I finally accepted that my genetics required me to consistently manage and monitor my food choices and portions.  I abandoned the resentment.  Fortunately, Independent and Defiant saw the logic and agreed.  They have plenty of opportunities in other parts of my life to show their strengths.

On the fitness front, it’s been a long winter, staring at the same two green walls in front of the NordicTrack.  I am a bit shocked that I stayed with it, as much as I dislike working out just for the sake of it.  The positive results have maintained my motivation.  It really has only taken 10-15 minutes per day on a NordicTrack, partnered with 10 push-ups with rotating push-up handles and 10 sit-ups.  I’ve recently added hand weights and a few basic floor exercises.

It will be a number of weeks before the snow melts and the weather warms enough to comfortably be active out of doors.  So, I will try experimenting with a personal trainer.  I looked at my high school senior yearbook to remind me of my athletic past.  I think I can get close to that.  It’s only 29 years later…I can do it!


One response to “18%

  1. I’m incredibily proud of you and very excited for you!! You look so great!! (not to mention how much better your health will be) I know from my own experiences (both past and present), how extremely hard it is to get motivated to start and then to keep going. Your posting today has taken me more than one step closer to beginning my own journey! Love you, Mom

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