I Miss Real Pizza … Do I??

It has been over four months since I have eaten what I consider to be a real pizza.  I drool over thick crust and multiple cheeses.  Neither of which is Weight Watchers Points Plus-friendly.  The satisfaction ratio just hasn’t been high enough for me to enjoy my favorite ingredients – pepperoni, green pepper, onion, mozzarella and romano cheeses – on traditional, hand-tossed crust.

I discovered flatbread pizza and believe I may be converted.  Flat-Out Light Original is a staple food in my home.  I started simply, a few spritzes from the olive oil sprayer on the flatbread, black beans from an open can in the refrigerator, and reduced fat Mexican cheese blend.  Bake in the oven at 400°F for 10 minutes or until the cheese browns.  Voilà!  The finished product is filling and doesn’t put a person in the hole with weekly Points Plus.

I now prepare a revised version of my favorite – turkey pepperoni, reduced fat mozzarella, green pepper, onion – sauce is optional.  I find I prefer it with no sauce, just the olive oil on the flatbread.

Sure, it has taken me almost 5 months to get to the point where I wonder if I really do miss the thick crust with traditional pepperoni and extra cheese.  At some point in the next few months, I’ll try the old-fashioned version again and measure the satisfaction ratio.


2 responses to “I Miss Real Pizza … Do I??

  1. This flatout sounds pretty appetizing. Congratulations on finding something that works well for you!

    • Thanks for the comment! Flat-Out is appetizing and available in a number of different flavors. Maybe your friends in the USA can ship some frozen to you in Paris. 🙂 If I were in Paris right now, I’d be quite focused on the boulangerie and it would be difficult for me to deny myself the awesome baked goods. You are right about just diving in and speaking the French language, no matter how bad you think it sounds. It may surprise you at how quickly you increase fluency. Continue to enjoy those adventures!

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