Simply Chocolate Mousse

This is a recipe that I’ve eaten and made my entire life.  It’s amazingly easy and has countless variations – raspberry liqueur, almond extract, espresso, coffee liqueur, etc.  Using different types of chocolate also varies the flavor. 

Chocolate Mousse
Servings:  6
Work time:  15 minutes
Chill time:  2-3 hours

4 egg whites, beaten stiff
6 ounces chocolate chips or high quality chocolate (best with semisweet or dark)
5 tablespoons boiling water
4 egg yolks
2 tablespoons brandy (or any favorite liqueur)

Blend chocolate chips in blender or food processor.  Scrape to loosen. 
Add water, blend/process about 10 seconds. 
Add egg yolks, one at a time.
Add brandy or liqueur of choice.
Gently fold mixture into egg whites until combined.
**Note:  Once you add the boiling water, continue until finished without stopping.  Otherwise, the chocolate mixture will begin to set up and it will be difficult to mix into the egg whites.

Carefully spoon into 6 glasses.  Chill for 2-3 hours.  Serve topped with whipped cream, slivered almonds, fruit, chocolate shavings, or whatever you desire!

Oddly, I’ve only disregarded the note about not stopping once the water is added one time – today!  The chocolate mixture absolutely starts to set up and I had to stir, rather than fold, everything into the egg whites.  The results were not ideal, but, there is absolutely no reason to waste chocolate, no matter how it looks!

For those leery of using uncooked eggs in recipes or that are sensitive to eggs, try recipes from Epicurious or Alton Brown.  Epicurious’ cooks the egg mixture.  Alton Brown’s uses heavy cream and gelatin.

Alton Brown



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