I found my collarbone!

Both of them!

I looked in the mirror yesterday morning and thought I saw something I haven’t seen in a while.  There!  Wait… no… is that really it?  Yes, there it is, on the left – my collarbone!  Wow – it is definitely there.  For the past number of years, the collarbones have been elusive, lying silently, waiting for the right moment to show themselves.  The moment arrived after four months of healthier food choices, food portions, and reluctantly embracing exercise.  I feel comfortable in my skin again!

I started my efforts towards finding those bones in late September, 2010.  Weight Watchers online is my program of choice.  There are great tools available to analyze food choices, including a wealth of healthy recipes, and ideas to support today’s busy lifestyles.  My BMI at start was 32.7.  My BMI today is 28.1.  I have not yet reached my personal weight goal, but I can see it!

I shared my bone discovery at a family dinner last evening.  I told my sister and mother that I no longer looked and felt like the post-gum Violet Beauregarde (without the blue) in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  My sister replied, “you didn’t look like Violet Beauregarde, more like a chipmunk.”  I assure you it was a compliment, since her previous comment was, “I can see it in your face and your triceps.”

When asked by another family member how I did it, I replied honestly – “focus and priority.”


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