Blizzard, Pumpkin bread, mulled cider and wine

It’s all over the news today – Minnesota’s autumn (technically) blizzard.  About one foot U.S. has fallen since late last night.  I have blown snow from the driveway once and a helpful young man in the neighborhood is working on his second round with all of us.  It’s fortunate I have been spending time with the NordicTrack and eating healthy.  I was pushing snow and an 8 h.p. dual stage Toro around this morning for 80 minutes.

Local reports indicate this storm dropped more snow than the 1991 Halloween blizzard.  [I was amazed to find that Wikipedia has an entry for the “Halloween Blizzard.”  Check it out.]
I remember, well, the 1991 blizzard.  I planned a big Halloween party for Saturday night.  I love Halloween.  I got the call at 7 AM Friday morning that the office was closed for the day.  I spent much of Friday and Saturday cleaning and preparing for the party.  I was worried that the party would be a bust because of the snow.  I had myself a little pity party at 8 PM on Saturday when no one was there.  Sure enough, people start arriving within the hour – fun party and funny memories.

NOAA reported that my piece of the state had 11.1 inches of snow at 2 PM CT today, 12/11/10 (note the cool reverse sequence on the date).  I’m thinking there must have been 2-3 inches since that time.

When I finally admitted to myself that I was stranded in the house for the day, I thought I would try a pumpkin bread (more like cake) recipe that had been waiting a week for me.  It is really fabulous, but I may be biased because I love anything with pumpkin and spices.  Give it a try.  I recommend you double the spices.
It’s a perfect choice for a day like today.  Even better that I have Greg Norman Pinot Noir, Penzey’s Mulling Spices, and apple cider.  This collection makes Minnesota winter almost magical.


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