Weight Watchers introduces new PointsPlus

Weight Watchers International launched the new PointsPlus program today.  As one of their recent articles said, it is a the biggest change in years.  PointsPlus takes into account a food’s protein, fiber, fat, and carbohydrates to calculate a new points value.

I think the change is fabulous and goes much further in encouraging people to eat a healthy selection of foods.  The old POINTS system did provide opportunity to work the system by selecting foods with high fiber to minimize the points.  It also discouraged some fruits, like bananas, because they were 2 POINTS.

I look forward to learning new points values and comparing it to my progress the past 9 weeks.

Read all about it —http://community.weightwatchers.com/Blogs/UserBlog.aspx?blogid=1039387


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