Thanksgiving Day (+) 1

Big food day is behind us.  So, how did it go?  I give myself a grade of “Needs Improvement.”  There were so many good options and I do enjoy the turkey dressing a bit too much.  Mom used a different brand of sausage, which I liked better.  On the upside, I did my standard mini-workout yesterday, to give myself the advantage of a few calories.  I really dislike working out, but more on that in a future post.  I also visited the raw vegetables more than normal and limited the crackers to a few tiny Triscuits and Ry-Krisps.  I wasn’t overstuffed in a food coma after dinner.

I had decided not to get on the scale this morning, knowing I would be less than pleased.  I changed my mind and faced the facts.  I was up 1.5 pounds.  With Wednesday’s lunch indulgence that also resulted in a move in the wrong direction, I will be up for the week when I weigh in on Saturday.  Think journey…


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