It’s Been a While

I mentioned before that I’m not a journaler.  I write when I feel like it and/or have something to share.  Since my last post, I’ve left a position with a large healthcare corporation, become certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language, became a contract project management consultant with a former employer, and began volunteering at a digital education lab within the St. Paul school system.  Oh, I also sold the awesome-handling Mazda RX-8, to finance my TEFL certification and living expenses while I was involved in the 5 week, full time, intensive course at Hamline University.

My travels beyond the St. Paul-Minneapolis metro area the past 6 months include Washington, D.C., and Faribault, MN.  I had the pleasure of being a supporter for the Nation’s Triathlon in D.C. in September.  My brother, Jason, had Hodgkins Lymphoma about 20 years ago and is very involved in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  He trained for the event all year and we cheered him on and the rest of the team in the chilly rain.  It was motivating and uplifting to hear the stories about why people were involved and how committed they are to the cause.  The Faribault trip was for the wedding of my youngest cousin.  Many had much fun until the morning hours.


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