Trabajando Mucho (I am working hard.)

Sorry, all, for the lack of posts, but I have been working very hard.  Just in case you are wondering if I’m being sarcastic, I am not. 
In addition, the internet signal is weak and only works in the reception area of the hotel. 

When I read the daily Pueblo Ingles schedule on the internet, I didn’t really think about the fact that participants are scheduled 13 hours/day. I tell you,  THIS IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. 
Breakfast at 9 AM, which involves active discussion
Sessions through until lunch at 2 PM
After lunch, siesta until 5 PM
More sessions until dinner at 9 PM
Social hour after dinner

The schedule includes constant English conversation or discussion, with 10 minute breaks every hour.  I was hoarse after the first half day.  That hasn’t happened to me since Girl Scout camp.

It is rewarding and I am amazed and impressed with the committment level of the Spaniards.  Most people here have been sent by their companies.  There are a number of people that have come from the regional government of Madrid.  Only English is allowed to be spoken or written.  Native English speakers (like me) are called Anglos.  For most sessions, there is an equal number of Spaniards and Anglos.

To go back in time (all times are Central + 7 hours) –

We left Madrid at 8:45 AM on Friday for a 5 hour bus ride.  The Anglos (we native English speakers) were instructed to immediately begin speaking to the Spaniards in English to get them accustomed to the following few days.  Once we arrived at the hotel near Cazorla, Coto del Valle, we immediately began sessions.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and emails, especially Mom, who is providing daily updates on the Two Cutes.  I need to end this now, as I had a status report due to Ingenix on Friday, which I’m still trying to get completed…


4 responses to “Trabajando Mucho (I am working hard.)

  1. You sound winded…I got a little exhausted just reading it 🙂 You were suppose to leave the states behind.

  2. Quit worrying about Ingenix and enjoy your self lady! Sounds like they are working you hard – amazing you have to talk ALL day:) I know what a burden it is to do that. Any men ask you to marry them:):):):):) Enjoy yourself! lag

  3. That is so funny I stumbled upon this I also worked for Ingenix… now Optum or as we say UHG, and I have been to Salamanca Pueblo Ing. near Portugal. La verdad es que in May I am going to Coto del Valle to do another Pueblo Ingles… Now DiVerbo. Isn’t it funny how time reveals all.

    • Hi Duke – thanks for the comment. Are you going to Cote del Valle for the first time or have you been before? The weather wasn’t the greatest when I was there and they were just finishing the spa. I imagine it will be FANTASTIC in May! I keep thinking of going to Alberca, but just looking for the right timing.

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