Wednesday —–

It’s been a long time since I had to pack for 12 days of travelling. I tell you, I went well beyond my time estimate on that one. I discovered Tuesday evening that the bag I had planned to use was not nearly the right size. Good news is that I took it in for repair and now that’s done. Quite a feat for one that consistently delays tasks like shoe and luggage repair, dry cleaning, filling the Jeep with fuel and those types of chores. Better news is that I had another, larger bag, in my luggage inventory. Believe me, I was efficient, but shoes take up so much space and I need all three pair. I did mention the other day that one of my electric devices was not a blow dryer. It’s in there, along with an umbrella. Forecast for Cazorla, Spain, the final destination, is rain and 40-50 degrees F.

Does anyone besides me have categories of socks? I don’t mean colors or styles or fabrics. I mean (1) really like (2) sort of like (3) really don’t like. I discovered that I have just enough socks in category (1) to take this trip.

It’s now 4 AM on Thursday Madrid time, which is 9 PM Central Standard Time on Wednesday. This will not be posted real time, alas, as there is no WiFi on this American Airlines Boeing 767. Fortunately, this flight is not full and there is a bit of room between the passengers. I was surprised to discover that the flight time from Dallas/Fort Worth to Madrid is 9 hours 15 minutes. According to the flight map, we are somewhere over the ocean, about halfway to Bermuda from the East Coast of the U.S. No travel mishaps today so far, even got a free airline meal of chicken and pasta, which I semi-enjoyed with a plastic mini-bottle of merlot. It wasn’t at all bad. Unlike my sister, who can sleep anywhere and any time, I don’t sleep well on airplanes. I may put the music I spent hours loading on my BlackBerry to good use and give it a try. Planned arrival time in Madrid is 10 AM local time on Thursday.


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