Why Spain?

For those that read the About section, you know that I will be travelling to Spain this week to participate in an English immersion program for Spaniards.  I learned about the Pueblo Ingles program on a news program in early 2009.  It sounded like an interesting way to combine the concepts of vacation and my desire to educate and teach.  I spent time in a study abroad program in Spain as a University of Minnesota student, so I had fond memories and some basic familiarity with the country.  Of course, that was 24 years ago, so how much can I truly remember??  Earlier this year, I remembered the program again and decided to apply.  I was accepted less than two weeks later for an early March 2010 program.

The same day I was accepted, I went looking for my passport, to make sure I wasn’t scrambling to find its hiding place at the last minute.  I found it and was instantly surprised to find it expired – October 2009.  Two days later, I was at the post office with a Next Day Air package and a couple of personal checks to expedite the passport renewal.  I was very pleased at the results.  The passport arrived within two weeks.

As a chronic procrastinator, I have not yet packed, but did spend most of this past weekend loading music on my BlackBerry Tour and software on my Lenovo IdeaPad (ordered last Wednesday, delivered last Friday).  When I lived in Spain for 5 months in 1986, the only device I carried that required electricity was a travel blow dryer.  Now, I will have three devices, none of which are a blow dryer – BlackBerry, IdeaPad, and camera.


4 responses to “Why Spain?

  1. Have fun and I will watch for updates. REALLY NO HAIR DRYER? 😉

  2. Have a GREAT time. Hope you get to enjoy some great food while you’re there as well.

  3. Try to find another huge wheel of bread, and friends to share it with.

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